How does meditation help to unleash creative writing?

Tina meditation Curl Curl colour

As a meditation teacher and a published writer I have found that the two compliment one another perfectly. How? When I write my mind needs to be still and spacious for creativity to blossom. How often is my mind in that state? Not very often, unless I’m on holiday and free of life’s daily challenges. Or…when I meditate.

The purpose of meditation is to create a point of focus whereby the mind ceases to chatter. You become calm on the inside, releasing physical, mental and emotional tensions.

When I write fiction sometimes I often begin with an idea for a story. These ideas tend to be preoccupations, if you will, that by voicing on a page help me to tease out and make sense of. This reveals a similarity between writing and meditation, both of which enable you to become your own counsellor, get to the root of your problems and discover what your burning desires are. Actually it was through yoga and meditation (meditation is an integral part of yoga) that I convinced myself to stop procrastinating, stop being too afraid of not being good enough and start living my life’s purpose: writing.

What happens if there are no ideas bubbling to create a story? That doesn’t matter, idea or no idea, either way I still write freely in the technique known as ‘stream of consciousness’ writing or to use Sue Woolfe’s phrase ‘loose construing’. This method is extremely liberating and fun, you never know what is going to come up from the depths of your mind! And, the best thing about stream of consicousness writing is that you don’t have to show anyone, it is writing in its rawest, most authentic form. By meditating before I begin to write, I put myself in that quiet space and the floodgates of words bubble and flow like a river.

I have developed a workshop and course which marries the art of meditation with the craft of creative writing. This is available for anyone seeking creativity, whether you’re an aspiring writer with a story bursting inside you but not sure how to start. Or an accomplished writer who has lost your mojo or suffering from writer’s block.

If you’re interested in unleashing your creativity please contact me to book a place on the course: Email: or call 0424 590 960

When? Saturday 30 November, Saturday 7 December and Saturday 14 December 3 – 5 pm.

Cost? One workshop $35 or book the course of three consecutive sessions for $90.

Where? Ivanhoe Scout Hall, Park Avenue, Manly 2095 NSW

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for seven years and practicing for fifteen. Having studied many meditation techniques, my greatest influences remain the Satyananda Yoga tradition and Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. See my yoga website

My love of books and writing led me to attain a BA Degree with Honours in English at Nottingham University in the UK. I am now studying a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney to fulfill my goal of completing my novel.

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