Timely words are works of art

I’m not a religious person yet I love to observe the constant changing of messages on my local church’s billboard. I admire their flair for humour and creativity. This week says:

Timely words are works of art

What kinds of words are timely? And what makes them works of art?

I did a little brainstorm (free writing exercise) and these are some of the first things that flowed from my pen:

I love you.

Will you marry me.

It’s a girl.

It’s a boy.

Let me help you.

Everything will be fine.


To me timely words are those that stop you in your tracks. Emotive and unforgettable words associated with life’s defining moments, committed to memory, never to be erased. But timely words can also be words that are spoken at the right time; to calm, correct, warn or cheer.

I’m not sharing everything I wrote with you because the whole point of free writing is to write without censoring, without being politically correct – as if nobody else will read it. This makes a big difference to what we write and is really effective in freeing up blockages and allowing creativity to blossom.

I encourage you to try a little free writing. You may be surprised at what emerges:

  1. Write the phrase on your notepad: “Timely words are works of art”.
  2. Sit quietly and try to clear your head of thoughts. I know, easier said than done! You could try focusing on your breathing, doodling or visualising a stunning sunrise — everyone has their own method of getting into the quiet zone.
  3. Then write (with a pen rather than typing on a computer) the first thing that comes to mind about the phrase: “Timely words are works of art” and see what occurs. Tip: don’t worry if you wander off topic.

Share if you dare. I’d love to hear your interpretation of timely words and how they are works of art.

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