Ode to New Year


Like the first bud bursting in spring

like dawn’s chorus that sweetly sings

like a baby’s first surprised breath

like a crisp white page, the papery possibilities

of a new year hold hope in hearts

like the smell of earthy air after rain,

like plunging into salty ocean on a summer’s day.


Aren’t these blessings enough? Isn’t waking alive

each morning to the sun rising enough to satiate our desires?

To wake happy and peaceful is a wish the whole world shares.

Why make more goals to break by February?

They steer us in the right direction, inspire change,

wipe away gritty disappointments, grey failures,

with the promise that this year, this year will be different.


As the frenzied year trembles to its elliptical end

at the chime of midnight, as the fireworks light the sky

be thankful to be here, to celebrate, embrace,

drink your wishes like wine with eyes tight closed,

as if it this year was your last.


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