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” Hi,

I’ve always been seduced by the power of words and stories. As I child I refused to leave the house without a book and if no paper was available I would write on the walls or chairs. This passion (or obsession) still continues – you never know when the inspiration or opportunity to read or write will emerge.

My love of writing led me to Nottingham University in the UK, where I attained a BA Honours Degree in English and Media Studies. I then explored all things to do with language and communications – trying my hand at teaching English as a foreign language,  followed by a long career in marketing, managing international campaigns for leading brands such as Gap, Calvin Klein and H&M.

A nomad at heart, I lived in Italy for a while, then sunny Sydney’s ocean and southern skies enticed me to put down roots for over a decade. Here I wrote on a freelance basis for communications agencies and businesses – focusing on my passion for health and lifestyle, and completed a Master of Arts at Sydney University. I’m now based in London, seeing where the next path takes me.

Frittering my time away reading no longer makes me feel guilty now I know the best way to become a better writer is to read and write…a lot. When I’m not reading or writing I can be found practising yoga (I’m a trained yoga teacher), dancing salsa, eating or walking my dogs.

Enough about me. I hope my stories, articles and poems inspire and entertain you. I welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to assisting you with any writing projects. ”

Best wishes

2 thoughts on “About Tina Wild

  1. Dear Tina
    Your article in the latest Australian Yoga Life was the best piece of writing I have read in a long time.It spoke to me like nothing else.I am
    So time poor I can only do a yoga nidra per day.Your article removed all my guilt about not being able to do sadhana.
    Thank you


    • Dear Mario,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I am so happy the article ‘spoke’ to you. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do so many things. I think if you’re managing to do a daily yoga nidra that is great and really the best thing for your wellbeing. That is your sadhana! Bringing awareness into your day; of your breath, your behaviour, your reactions to stress etc is also your sadhana, so every moment of each day is an opportunity for sadhana.

      Best wishes


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