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Hi Everyone,

I’ve got an article in the March issue of Australian Yoga LIFE magazine. It’s about incorporating powerful yoga techniques into daily life — without getting sweaty on the mat!

I’d love you to read it and look forward to your comments.

If you’d like to learn about these yoga techniques and are in the Sydney area come and try my classes. Visit: for details.

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Tina Wild AYL Mar 2014


Sowing the seed for a happy new year


As the year takes its final bow to usher in a fresh new 2014, how many of you have made a new year’s resolution? You know; be fitter, healthier, shed a bad habit, find a new job/hobby – that kind of thing.

How often do you make a new year’s resolution, with high hopes (or half-hearted ones) only to break it by the end of January? Do you even remember what your resolution was from the beginning of this year?

So how do we keep the hope alive and bring the goal to fruition throughout the year?

We could take a leaf out of yoga’s wise book. In yoga this resolution is called sankalpa; a positive statement to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. The trick is to harness the willpower by repeating and re-affirming this statement every day. According to Swami Saytananda:

“The sankalpa is one of the most effective means of training the mind..a powerful method of reshaping your personality and direction in life, along positive lines.” [i]

Formulating a sankalpa can be the first stumbling block, with so many choices and opportunities, how many of us really know what we want out of life? How to decide on one single goal? As Swami Satyanada says:

“Most of us are floundering in the darkness, like ships without rudders, sails without sheet anchors. We don’t know which way we are headed because we are being led. Using the technique of Yoga Nidra, however, we have a choice in life, and that choice is created by the sankalpa.” [ii]

The sankalpa, repeated mentally on a daily basis, at a time when you’re feeling calm, is like planting a seed into the soil and watering it. It is also repeated at the beginning and end of Yoga Nidra—a deeply relaxing meditation from a lying down position that releases all physical, mental and emotional tensions—a practice I highly recommend for fatigue, stress, anxiety and overall wellbeing.

Now you may have to practice Yoga Nidra many times before you formulate your sankalpa. That’s no big deal, I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t enjoy and feel the benefit from Yoga Nidra.

I have adopted this sankalpa, it’s a poem that was pinned to my dear Auntie’s wall, who passed away recently. She embodied this as her philosophy and purpose, not just for one year but for her whole life.

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Mahatma Gandhi

I have other goals that are more achievement-based but I hope this resolve will help me to become less self-centred, less competitive, to shed my ego and soften the hard edges that sometimes cluster around my heart.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful and healthy new year, in which all your goals and dreams are realised.

Best wishes


Lotus pond

Lotus pond


[i] Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training YS1 2010; from Yoga Nidra text, Sowing the Seeds of Change

[ii] Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training YS1 2010; from Yoga Nidra text, Sowing the Seeds of Change


Sankalpa, Sowing the Seed of Change. Australian Yoga Life, Issue 21, July-November 2008.


Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Publication Trust, Bihar, 2008

Yoga for Cyclists

Calling all cyclists, MAMILs, Weekend Warriors and aspiring Kings of the Mountains.

Are you guilty of not doing enough stretching?

Do you always have aches, pains and injuries?

Do you want to enhance your performance on the bike?

Then join our 6 week Yoga for Cyclists course

When? Saturdays 3 – 4.30 pm starting 15 February

Where? Yoga Co-op Manly, Ivanhoe Park, Park Avenue, Manly, 2095 NSW

Cost? $108


See the website for more info on classes: for Cyclists Course Flyer

How does meditation help to unleash creative writing?

Tina meditation Curl Curl colour

As a meditation teacher and a published writer I have found that the two compliment one another perfectly. How? When I write my mind needs to be still and spacious for creativity to blossom. How often is my mind in that state? Not very often, unless I’m on holiday and free of life’s daily challenges. Or…when I meditate.

The purpose of meditation is to create a point of focus whereby the mind ceases to chatter. You become calm on the inside, releasing physical, mental and emotional tensions.

When I write fiction sometimes I often begin with an idea for a story. These ideas tend to be preoccupations, if you will, that by voicing on a page help me to tease out and make sense of. This reveals a similarity between writing and meditation, both of which enable you to become your own counsellor, get to the root of your problems and discover what your burning desires are. Actually it was through yoga and meditation (meditation is an integral part of yoga) that I convinced myself to stop procrastinating, stop being too afraid of not being good enough and start living my life’s purpose: writing.

What happens if there are no ideas bubbling to create a story? That doesn’t matter, idea or no idea, either way I still write freely in the technique known as ‘stream of consciousness’ writing or to use Sue Woolfe’s phrase ‘loose construing’. This method is extremely liberating and fun, you never know what is going to come up from the depths of your mind! And, the best thing about stream of consicousness writing is that you don’t have to show anyone, it is writing in its rawest, most authentic form. By meditating before I begin to write, I put myself in that quiet space and the floodgates of words bubble and flow like a river.

I have developed a workshop and course which marries the art of meditation with the craft of creative writing. This is available for anyone seeking creativity, whether you’re an aspiring writer with a story bursting inside you but not sure how to start. Or an accomplished writer who has lost your mojo or suffering from writer’s block.

If you’re interested in unleashing your creativity please contact me to book a place on the course: Email: or call 0424 590 960

When? Saturday 30 November, Saturday 7 December and Saturday 14 December 3 – 5 pm.

Cost? One workshop $35 or book the course of three consecutive sessions for $90.

Where? Ivanhoe Scout Hall, Park Avenue, Manly 2095 NSW

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for seven years and practicing for fifteen. Having studied many meditation techniques, my greatest influences remain the Satyananda Yoga tradition and Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. See my yoga website

My love of books and writing led me to attain a BA Degree with Honours in English at Nottingham University in the UK. I am now studying a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney to fulfill my goal of completing my novel.