Content Writing

Content crazy

In today’s digital world there is more content than ever clamouring for attention. Not that I like the word ‘content’; in my mind it cheapens the beautiful craft of storytelling, but as websites, blogs, social media and videos leave old school forms of communication such as newspapers, magazines and traditional advertising for dust, we must go with the communication flow for our businesses to flourish.


Glass half full

The multitude of content presents an opportunity for your business (yes really!) if you include and embrace digital as part of your communications mix.

Social media, blogging, newsletters and email marketing are effective, immediate, low-cost options for you to connect with your existing customers and attract new ones—to inform, educate, and build communities, while promoting your product, service or brand.


Good quality writing is essential

In a world brimming with content good quality writing is essential. I am a skilled storyteller and brand journalist; I can come up with the ideas, do the research and craft a story that is audience-focused, your customers, yet with a subtle brand presence that encourages a two-way conversation. My specialised areas are health, sport, art and entertainment, travel and not for profit, but I can write about anything if I’m interested in the subject.



To cut through to your audience and stand out from your competitors it goes without saying that content needs to be error-free, polished and professional. I am a grammar Nazi; I pick up on spelling, grammar and punctuation errors on a daily basis and it makes my blood boil! OK, my eagle eye probably spots things that many people don’t but all businesses need a wordsmith to help their content and stories sparkle.


Is your website working hard enough?

As the face of your business, it’s important your website showcases your brand, personality and services to their optimum. Do you have the time or the expertise to spend on writing, updating and proofreading copy? If not let me take the headache out of creating content.

I work with web developers to ensure that your website contains the essential keywords for maximum SEO presence (in other words to become Google’s best friend and get noticed).


How often do you blog?

Not often enough is the resounding answer of most people and businesses. Yet your blog posts can help to raise your brand profile, to drive traffic to your website and add value to your communications. If you’re time poor let me remove your blogging guilt by creating regular posts for you.


Not sure what information is right for each communication?

I can help you to develop content plans and communication strategies to reach your customers with the right message, appropriate tone of voice, and to avoid bombarding your customers with repetitive information.

Don’t take my word for it, check out what my clients say.


The good news is my rates are affordable

As a freelancer I don’t have the costly overheads of most larger companies so I keep my rates affordable. £40 per hour (A$70) is my standard hourly rate for writing though I can also offer project or daily rates.

Please contact me to discuss your projects and to obtain a quotation.